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VIP Boat Service in Northern California

Factory service & repair. Seasonal maintenance. Detailing.

Keep your boat running well and looking great

GoldKey Marine offers boat service and repair in El Dorado Hills. We also offer transport services from the Bay Area to Lake Tahoe. Whether your boat is large or small, new or old, GoldKey Marine will get your boat ready for the water and looking its best.




To complement the storage of your boat, GoldKey Marine offers VIP Service programs to keep your boat clean, stored, and ready to go when you are.


Our VIP programs allow you to choose a service level that meets your needs. We offer four levels of membership.


What is a VIP Service Program?

When you choose to store your boat with GoldKey Marine on a one-year contract we will offer service packages that take care of all your boating maintenance and more.


Your exact monthly price depends on the size and length of your boat. Service program prices are in addition to storage fees.

$84 - $155/mo + Storage


BRONZE VIP Membership

  • Boat Winterize | Fog motor, drain block & manifolds,
    stabilize fuel | 24 Point Safety Inspection.

  • Boat Summerize | Charge battery (as necessary), check all switches, gauges & drain plugs, run boat

  • Oil Change | Includes 6 qts. of oil per engine & oil filter

BRONZE VIP+ also includes:

  • Physical inspection of trailer, tire pressure and lights

  • Wash & Wipe Outbound | Marine soap & glass cleaner - 5 washes

  • Ice Service | Have your onboard cooler stocked (2 bag limit) | $5.00/bag

  • Cover Boat (If cover is in bow) or Fold Tower


SILVER VIP Membership

  • All of the above

  • Out Drive | V-Drive fluid service - includes oil

  • Detail:

    • Steam clean carpet

    • Upholstery UV vinyl treatment

    • Wax gelcoat if there is no oxidation

  • Fresh water pump impeller change

  • Replace water fuel separator filter

$169 - $331/mo + Storage


GOLD VIP Membership

  • All of the above

  • Full Cut & Polish | Removes virtually all water spots and oxidation

  • Complete Bottom Wash | Removes lake and/or river grime

$243 - $471/mo + Storage



  • All of the above 

  • Transport services to Lake Tahoe and/or Folsom Lake

Call (916) 358-5004 for pricing or request a quote:

Do you just need your boat detailed? Check out our packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

🛥️ How often do I need to have my boat serviced?

We recommend having your motor serviced and water pump impeller changed every two years or every one hundred hours. Check your boat or engine manufacturer’s owner’s manual for exact interval requirements.


🛥️ Do I need to clean my boat after every use?

If possible, yes. Wash it down thoroughly with a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly after each outing. This is especially important if your boat is in saltwater. Saltwater can damage a boat's fiberglass surfaces if not cleaned regularly.

🛥️ Can I launch and trailer a boat by myself?

Launching and loading a boat onto a trailer takes practice. While experienced boaters may be able to launch and trailer their boats solo, we recommend new boat owners have at least one other person help them if possible. You can also use a professional boat transport service to launch and trailer your boat for you.

🛥️ Should I cover my boat when I’m not using it?

Definitely. If your boat will be stored inside, a good cover will help protect it from dust and pests. If it will be stored outside, a quality cover will protect your boat from the elements.

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