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Sacramento Area Enclosed Trailer Storage

Free up space on your property. Protect your trailer from the elements.

GoldKey has indoor and outdoor storage options for your enclosed trailer.


Indoor & Outdoor Trailer Storage

Goldkey offers indoor trailer storage at our GoldKey Marine building and outdoor trailer storage next to our GoldKey Storage building.

Here are some of the reasons people store their trailers with us.

Free Up Space on Your Property


If your enclosed trailer is taking up most of your driveway or space next to your house, offsite storage will free up that space.

Avoid Weather Damage


You can avoid weather damage and protect your investment by storing your trailer indoors. Extreme heat, cold, wind, and rain can all harm your trailer and reduce its useful lifetime and value.

A Secure Location


GoldKey indoor trailer storage features 24-hour electronic monitoring and state-of-the-art security systems. We take protecting your trailer as seriously as you do.

Ready When You Are


Storing your trailer indoors means it's ready to go when you are. Avoid the hassle of having to inspect and clean your trailer after extended storage. Get back on the road and on to your next event quickly and easily.

Questions About Enclosed Trailer Storage?

We're happy to answer any questions. GoldKey provides premium indoor and outdoor trailer storage for customers in the Greater Sacramento Area. 916-358-5004 or


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