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Boat Maintenance: 3 Things Every Boat Owner Should Know

Boat Maintenance

Keeping your boat well maintained is important not only to keep your vessel in good working order, but also to protect the water and wildlife you operate your boat in each year.

While it may not seem like it at first glance, boat maintenance is actually quite similar to car maintenance in many ways. You can perform most of the simple maintenance tasks yourself, but will probably want to have a professional handle the more complicated tasks when required.

To help you get started, here are three suggestions for easy boat maintenance that every boat owner should know.

1) Keep It Clean

The easiest and most important boat maintenance task is to keep your boat clean. Keeping your boat clean will have a huge impact on the lifespan of your vessel and make all the other maintenance tasks much easier.

To keep your boat in the best shape, wash it with clean fresh water (not lake or river water) after each use. Most docks and marinas have a hose you can use for a quick spraydown after hauling out. If that’s not an option, use a garden hose and a bucket of soapy water when you get home.

If you have a fiberglass boat, it’s also important to regularly wax all the fiberglass surfaces. Fiberglass boats typically have a gel coat that can oxidize and turn chalky if not regularly cleaned and waxed.

Finally, scrub and rinse any canvass and/or upholstery. If you neglect the fabrics on your boat, they can grow mold and mildew.

2) Check For Damage

Unlike driving on the highway where you can usually see road hazards before they occur, most of the hazards in boating are underwater.

When you haul out and rinse off your boat, make a visual inspection for any damage to the hull and props of your motor. It’s very easy for minor damage to grow into major damage if not addressed right away.

If you are boating in salt water, you should also flush out your motor to prevent corrosion and damage to internal components. The procedure for flushing your engine will differ depending on if you have an outboard or inboard motor, so check with the manufacturer for directions.

3) Have It Serviced Regularly

In addition to the tasks already mentioned, your boat will likely require more comprehensive annual maintenance as well. This include tasks such as:

  • Changing the engine oil

  • Lubricating fittings and seals

  • Painting the hull

  • Trailer maintenance

Unless you are very confident of your mechanical skills, it’s a good idea to leave these important tasks to professionals. Professional boat maintenance service will also help identify and prevent any hidden wear and tear that you may miss during regular inspections.

Here at GoldKey Marine, we offer several VIP boat service packages specifically tailored to customers who want their boats professionally serviced and maintained. Our service packages eliminate the hassle of boat maintenance and allow you to enjoy boating hassle-free.

In addition to all the maintenance tasks mentioned in this article, we can also help prepare your boat for winter storage, as well as getting it ready for the upcoming boating season. To learn more about our boat maintenance and service options, please contact us at your convenience.


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