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5 Things on Wheels You Can Store at a Boat & RV Storage Facility

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

At GoldKey, we market ourselves as an indoor and outdoor storage facility for boats, RVs, and cars.

However, some of our Sacramento Area customers have come to us with less common storage needs. In many cases, we've been able to accommodate those needs.

If it's on wheels and it's less than 40 feet long, contact us to find out if you can store it with us and to get a quote.

1. A Pontoon Boat

Most of our customers' boats have V-shaped hulls and are compact enough that they can be forklifted onto a rack.

Larger pontoon boats like this one can be stored in a floor-level bay.

Pontoon Boat Stored Indoors

2. A Mobile Game Theater

G-Factor Gaming, which serves the Greater Sacramento Area, needed a place to store the company's two mobile theater trailers between game parties.

We found just the space for the trailers, alongside our storage building. Here's one:

Mobile Theater Trailer Storage

3. An Enclosed Cargo Trailer

If you have an enclosed cargo trailer that you don't want to store in your driveway, an indoor storage facility is ideal.

Petrolhead apparel needed an indoor location to store and protect their shiny event trailer. They found GoldKey.

Event Trailer Indoor Storage

Whether your trailer is for your events, your ATVs, or for your snowmobiles, it may fit in our indoor storage facility.

4. A Mobile Power Generator

Because of PG&E's Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS), more Northern California business owners and homeowners are investing in standby generators than ever before.

However, PSPS's typically do not occur in the winter months.

If you happen to own or rent a 100 kW (or thereabouts) mobile power generation system that's on a trailer — and you don't want to leave it outside all winter — it can be stored in an indoor facility alongside boats and RVs.

Generator on Trailer

5. A Forklift

We had a customer who needed a place to store their forklift indoors for a few months. We were able to accommodate that request.


So, if you need to get something on wheels out of your driveway and under a roof, please contact us to see if it's a fit.


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