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5 Advantages to Indoor Boat Storage

Updated: Apr 25

Indoor Boat Storage

Storing your boat indoors costs more than storing it outdoors, but the afforded protection can significantly extend your boat's life. Indoor storage also helps keep your boat looking great.

Using an indoor storage facility means that you will need to plan ahead a little to make sure your boat is available on the day that you need it.

Let's look at five important advantages to indoor boat storage.

Safety and Security

Indoor boat storage facilities are locked at night. They also have security systems, cameras and fire-protection systems.

If your boat is stored indoors, you won't need to worry about someone vandalizing or stealing it.

Protection From The Elements

The winters in the Central Valley and the foothills of Northern California are mild, but they can be wet and windy. Hailstorms are rare, but have occurred.

Of course, the Tahoe basin gets heavy winter wind and snow. Conversely, the relentless California summer sun can take a toll your boat's exterior, even when your boat is not in use.

Indoor storage protects your boat from all of these elements.

Environmental Controls

Excessive ambient heat, cold or humidity can be detrimental to the long term preservation of your investment.

Since the indoor environment of a storage facility needs to be comfortable for the people who work there, that also means it's a protective environment for your boat.

Convenient Servicing

Many indoor boat storage facilities offer service programs and detailing for a fee. These programs ensure that your boat is ready for use when it's needed and also ready for long term storage when that time comes.


Another service that often goes along with indoor storage is delivery of your boat to a launch or to your lakefront property.

If outdoor storage is taking a toll on your investment, consider an indoor storage facility.



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